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I love the level of customer service we can provide because we have been in business for so long. Nothing makes my day brighter than being able to tell someone that we have the parts on hand to get them out of a bind.   I was on a sales call this morning for a conveyor that was put into service back in 1996. Since its installation it has received minimal maintenance, and is still going strong. Of course, with only spending about $300 in spare parts for the old gal over the last 20 years she is ready for some TLC.   While we do recommend a more frequent service schedule; it is incredible to see how durable the FlexLink product line is in action. How many other conveyor systems do you know of that can run for 20 years without wearing out a drive or idler? It’s crazy. It is even crazier to think that the newer parts are designed to be even more robust than the old ones. Talk about getting your money’s worth.   But that leads to a problem. Where do you turn when you have a conveyor that was engineered in the 90’s needs spare parts? FlexLink doesn’t support the really old designs anymore, and the common school of thought is to shift a customer away from the old parts and into a new system, but that can get to be pretty cost prohibitive. Well, there is another option. You can turn to us.   As much trouble as I have given my parents about needing to get rid of our extensive collection of old style FlexLink part... Read More
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Would you like to know more about the founders of Flex-Line? Well, duh. Of course you would. You’re here aren’t you? Let me introduce myself, I’m Lauren. I’m proud to be third generation with the company. I have literally grown up with it. See that picture? Yes. That’s me in the diaper. Miraculously, despite the lack of chain guards in the 80’s the only hair I have ever gotten stuck in a conveyor was my Barbie doll’s. If that isn’t a testament to how forward thinking FlexLink is I don’t know what else could be! Anyway, that’s my grandpa’s barn, and that’s where this all got started. After getting out of the army my grandpa, Orville, went to work as a salesman for Henry Filters in Ohio. While working there he met a man by the name of Bud Layne, who you may know as the founder of SpanTech. Well, at that time Bud was an engineer for a little company we all know and love – SKF Bearings. They had just come up with a conveyor system that was going to revolutionize the industry and Bud was selling it in the United States. My grandpa and dad thought it was a great opportunity, and with that and their Midwestern work ethic they went to work selling some of the United States’ first FlexLink conveyor systems for Bud. When Bud decided to leave SKF and found SpanTech he turned all of his FlexLink business over to them, and Flex-Line Automation, Inc. was truly born. My childhood was a blur of conveyo... Read More
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