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Pack Expo
Did you attend Pack Expo this year in Chicago? We did, and we got a lot of attention. People spent a lot of time stopping to gape at the “drawbridge” conveyor, an innovative box moving solution that we designed for the show. It functions as both an elevator and a singulator, utilizing a combination of friction top chain and back pressure to feed a variety of box sizes up an incline. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us for more information, a complimentary quote, or just to say that you like the concept. We always love hearing from you. Did you miss the Chicago show? Are you going to be in Las Vegas for Pack Expo 2015? We are. Make sure to include a stop by booth # S-6303 in you show plans! If you thought the “drawbridge” conveyor was an interesting solution you won’t believe what we have planned. ... Read More
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Custom Solutions
At the last minute you realize that you forgot to draw a column, and you don’t have room to shift your conveyor system over six inches. What do you do? Well, if you are like this customer and work with Flex-Line Automation, Inc. you just let us know and we will do whatever we can to find a solution for you – even if it means custom designing a hollow wheelbend that fits around your support column. Can your current supplier do that? I will have to be honest here. It seems like in today’s industry many people have forgotten that what you see on a computer model doesn’t always work the same way that things do in real life. Don’t get me wrong, simulations are awesome; but sometimes there are external factors, like columns someone forgot to draw or a lock up mechanism that doesn’t act quite like the one in your drawing, that mean that having a partner with flexibility and ingenuity is still priceless. We are happy to re-think the solutions, to problem solve, to actually mock up systems and test them, and most importantly to go out in the field and make your equipment WORK. If you have a unique situation please check out our products pages and give us a call. We aren’t a cookie cutter conveyor company, and we want to help you find the best way to handle your product. ... Read More
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Re-Orienting Solutions
It happens often. You have a package that comes out of your machine upside down or sideways; for whatever reason it needs to be turned, flipped, angled, or otherwise adjusted. What do you do? Call us of course! We have experience from across industries to know how to handle your product. We have fixed and powered flipping devices, gravity turning sections, bump and turn orienteers, side by side reorienting conveyors and many more solutions to get your production flowing the way you need it. Are you interested in re-orienting products? Contact us today with your product specifications and we will happily give you more information for the solution that will work best for you. ... Read More
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Would you like to know more about the founders of Flex-Line? Well, duh. Of course you would. You’re here aren’t you? Let me introduce myself, I’m Lauren. I’m proud to be third generation with the company. I have literally grown up with it. See that picture? Yes. That’s me in the diaper. Miraculously, despite the lack of chain guards in the 80’s the only hair I have ever gotten stuck in a conveyor was my Barbie doll’s. If that isn’t a testament to how forward thinking FlexLink is I don’t know what else could be! Anyway, that’s my grandpa’s barn, and that’s where this all got started. After getting out of the army my grandpa, Orville, went to work as a salesman for Henry Filters in Ohio. While working there he met a man by the name of Bud Layne, who you may know as the founder of SpanTech. Well, at that time Bud was an engineer for a little company we all know and love – SKF Bearings. They had just come up with a conveyor system that was going to revolutionize the industry and Bud was selling it in the United States. My grandpa and dad thought it was a great opportunity, and with that and their Midwestern work ethic they went to work selling some of the United States’ first FlexLink conveyor systems for Bud. When Bud decided to leave SKF and found SpanTech he turned all of his FlexLink business over to them, and Flex-Line Automation, Inc. was truly born. My childhood was a blur of conveyo... Read More
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