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In celebration of Popeye's 75th Anniversary, Rhett Rinne and the crew of Flex-Line Automation, Inc. designed and built a special commemorative motorcycle. The bike features original art by the current Popeye comic strip artist Hy Eisman. The bike also features the autographs of both Hy Eisman and the former Popeye comic book artist and editor George Wildman. The bike includes many custom and nautical items such as a rear propeller and a spinach can headlight. The award winning bike has been to several local shows, and to the Easyrider Bike Show in Indianapolis, where it never fails to please the crowds. The bike was recently professionally photographed by Michael Farabaugh, photographer for EasyRider, V-Twin, Biker Magazine & others. Photos are available for view or for purchase on his website. The bike is slated to appear at the EasyRider's Bike Show, Kansas City, MO in April 2005 and in Biker Magazine in May 2005!! Watch for appearances in upcoming issues of Biker 2000 Magazine & Southern Rides Magazine. The Popeye Bike at EasyRider's Bike Show 2004 Indianapolis, IN Representative John Grabsky models the Popeye Bike at the 2004 PMMI Show held at McCormick Place, Chicago IL ... Read More
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