Serving customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico & Puerto Rico


You don’t spend over thirty years in the material handling business without serving a variety of industries and learning from each and every application. Flex-Line Automation, Inc. has worked diligently in every industry from automotive to pharmaceutical; with products ranging from dirty to clean, and heavy to light.

We strive to provide quality, time tested and innovative solutions to meet your industry and internal requirements. Here are a few examples of the solutions we have provided in the past.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industry

blister pack handling applications, clean room conveyors, raised top conveyors, accumulation conveyors, puck conveyors, hygienic filling lines, test tube conveyors

Bearing Industry

accumulation tables, steel top conveyors, oven/washer loaders, machine loaders, scrap conveyors

Automotive & Machined Parts Industries

gun drilling operations, broaching & sequential pallet systems, alpines for cooling and vertical accumulation, custom fixtured chain conveyors, accumulation tables, car seat conveyors, cast part flipping devices

Electronic & Electric Industries

assembly stations, pallet systems, pick and place applications, test loops, static resistant systems, bump turn orienteers, tray elevators and lowerators

Food & Packaging Industries

bun handling applications, cookie handling conveyors, cigarette and cigar handling conveyors, dairy applications, pneumatic, electric, and manual adjustable guiderails, spiral elevators, wedge elevators, food contact conveyors


Paper Industry

hard wound towel conveyors, jumbo tissue conveyors, tissue conveyors, paper towel handling applications, manual and automatic adjustable guiderails, re-coring applications, line merging applications, product re-orientation applications, pallet systems, custom fixtured chain conveyors, core handling conveyors

Plastics & Bottle Industry

blow molding applications, vacuum conveyors, filling lines, vision check stations, elevators, lowerators, side grip conveyors, wedge conveyors, large plastic container conveyors, cooling conveyors