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  • Flex-Line Automation Builds Popeye Themed Bike!

    In celebration of Popeye's 75th Anniversary, Rhett Rinne and the crew of Flex-Line Automation, Inc. designed and built a special commemorative motorcycle.
  • Elevating Options

    Do you need to move your product up or down? Check out these seven elevating options that we offer!
  • Re-Orienting Solutions

    We have experience from across industries to know how to handle your product.
  • Custom Solutions

    We are happy to re-think the solutions, solve problems, mock up systems and test them.

About Flex-Line Automation

We offer the best time tested solutions and the most innovative designs to create turn-key solutions for every customers need, from simple straight conveyor to a fully automated production and packaging line.

We have been serving the material handling industry for over 30 years. That gives us the edge when it comes to...
We provide free, custom quoting in house and stock over $200,000 of FlexLink inventory to be able to...
Global Reach
At Flex-Line Automation, Inc. we are experienced working locally and globally to diligently provide you...
This is what happens when you've been in business for over 30 years.
I love the level of customer service we can provide because we have been in business for so long. Nothing makes my day brighter than being able to tell someone that we have the parts on hand to get them out of a bind.   I was on a sales call this morning for a conveyor that was put into service back in 1996. Since its installation it has received ...
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